Weekly Update

Friday, October 24, 2014

ATHLETICS – The Girls’ Golf dual match season is over, and, after a 5-year drought, Coach Tod Deardorff’s Lady Spartans are Pacific View League Champions again! Congratulations to team members Grace Stephenson, Kennedy Boldrin, Ramanna Thananta, Rachel Hoppe, Arianna Hernandez, Erica Zaragoza, Julia Cote and Serenity Payan!   Brian FitzGerald, Athletic Director

Congratulations to Rio Mesa Cross-Country Teams!  The Girls’ Cross Country Team is now 8-0 in league at both levels and the Boys’ Team is 6-2 in league.  The girls were led by Devyn Weisenberger, Lauryn Pinsak, Molly Garcia, Anna Schneider, Lauren Silva and Denaya Wickett.  Unfortunately our number one runner,  Auburn Griffith,  had to drop out due to a leg injury.  The Boys’ Team were led by Jimmy FitzGerald, Vinny Perrillo, D.J. Torres, Brandon Boetcher, Rosario Ulloa, Jacob Hammond and Vincent Medina.  Great job by both teams…Coach Rick Torres

10 24 14 aHomecoming King Cameron Wrout & Queen Kimberly Miranda enjoy fireworks with The Royal Court



Freshmen Prince & Princess – Austin Maciel & Catalina Escobal

Sophomore Prince & Princess – Jacob Flores & Bridgette Smith

Junior Prince & Princess – Adam Saldivar & Andrea Morales

 Oct. 17 – Homecoming     Oct. 18 – Homecoming Dance “Rio Mesa’s Once Upon a Nightmare”

COUNSELINGThe counseling department hosted its second in a series of informational parent nights.  Counselors Gunnels, Kenney and Raymond, UC EAOP Outreach liaison Griselda Sanchez, and Migrant Guidance Technician Mayra Viveros provided informative sessions on organizational skills, college readiness, and resources Rio Mesa provides to help students improve grades.  Ms. Sanchez gave an overview of the services the College and Career Center provides to assist RM students in getting into college.  Ms. Viveros gave information to parents of Migrant and English Learner students as well as provided translation services…Kirk Raymond, Counselor

LIBRARYIn between CELDT testing and the PSAT (last week), a few classes managed to squeeze in: Culinary Foundations students were looking for recipes for gourmet pizzas (Allen), Economics students bought and sold stock through an interactive stock market simulation site, and the last of the Fresmen Library Orientations  were completed (Madl, Bouffard)…Margery Ricards, Librarian

CAREER TECHNICAL EDUCATIONCulinary Arts – Baking and Pastry culminated their unit on candy making this week with homemade candy corn and acid jellies. They have prepared a wide variety of candy using each of the candy stages, and were successful in preventing the formation of sugar crystals.  Business – Microsoft Office Intro started advanced PowerPoint skills to begin preparing for Certification Exams later in the semester.  Multimedia students used discussed Typography and used Photoshop to create movie posters…Mary Clayton, Department Chair

10 14 14 cADULT TRANSITION PROGRAM – The Adult Transition students provided musical entertainment for the Ventura College Ability Access Awareness Fair on Wednesday Oct 22, 2014.  A wonderful event to be recognized and learn…Connie Westphal Brown, M.S., Department Chair

UCSB OUTREACH UPDATE –   This week,  College Site Coordinator, Griselda Sanchez continued to meet with EAO seniors to assess their specific college plans to better assist them in the college application process. Mrs. Sanchez has also been meeting individually with seniors to assist with personal statements for various universities.  College application workshops were held for EAO seniors on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during lunch to assist students with college applications…Griselda Sanchez, Early Academic Outreach Program College Site Coordinator

 SCIENCE Biology students are finishing a homeostasis unit which will culminate in an activity including exercising (using oxygen) and the body’s response (increased heart and breathing rate).  Marine Biology students are finishing up discussion of the voyage of the Kon Tiki in relation to ancient mariner travelers and major ocean currents.  Sign-ups for Anacapa Island restoration trip are being finalized.  Physiology students have been studying the structure and function of connective tissues.  They have been comparing and contrasting the different tissues using lots of models and direct observation using the microscope in a 2-day microscope lab. Students have also been doing mid body baseline flexibility assessments. Chem Study students are learning about how the Periodic Table is organized, and the electron configurations of the elements.  They will be doing an activity with light to learn how chemicals, molecules and elements are remotely detected on other planets, stars and galaxies. Chemistry Year 1 students are learning about chemical bonding.  Students will be playing and peer evaluating the Element Games they designed as a culminating activity for the Periodic Table Trends unit they just finished.  IB Environmental Systems and Societies students have been studying ecosystems. Students have explored how energy flows through ecosystems, as well as ways to measure energy, biomass and changes in an ecosystem. Each student has become an expert in “water testing” and have designed an experiment to measure pollution of their ecosystem they have built.  They also had a quest speaker, Ms. Owens from ChannelKeepers that explained the efforts of this organization in monitoring our watersheds in our local area.  She reviewed scheduled field trip next week to complete water testing at the Ventura River.  Physical Science Honors has been exploring using mathematics to solve chemistry problems and atomic structure.  Physics – Students just finished a unit on One Dimensional Kinematics.  They did an experiment using “Spark Timers” to find the acceleration of a freely falling body.  Students will be starting a new unit on Newton’s Second Law — May the “Mass times acceleration” (Force) be with you.  In this unit they will be competing in a Parachute Egg Drop engineering competition.  Earth Science will be finishing Astronomy and moving into Geology.  Mr. Holden’s class will spend some time on lab equipment …Corene Duarte, Science Department Co-Chair


Late Bus – Monday through Thursday, 4:35 p.m. pick-up in front of Admin. Office

ZAP (Zeros Aren’t Permitted) continues in Library Saturdays 8:15 a.m. to 12 noon

Students can use media tools, work on group projects, make-up tests & extra credit assignments in an environment that stresses–Zeros Aren’t Permitted.  Peer tutors available to assist students who ask for help – Counselor Kirk Raymond

RMHS Marching Band & Color Guard – field show competitions:

 Simi Valley HS, Sat., Oct. 25

Oxnard HS, Sat., Nov. 8

Moorpark HS, Sat., Nov. 15


Oct. 31 – Food Fest

Nov. 11  – Veteran’s Day