Weekly Update

Friday, March 6, 2015

RMHS MOCK TRIAL TEAM participated in the 2015 Ventura County Mock Trial Competition.  The team team was led by Miguel Undurraga and Joanna Birns.  The team did not make the final 8 for the playoffs, however, we are proud of their hard work and effort… Jeff Holloway, Advisor

 Miguel Undurraga – MVP on Team & Third Place – Defense Attorney

Joanna Birns – Commitment to Excellence Award


Kimberly Au

Elizabeth Benke
Taylor Binney
Joanna Birns
Brandon Boettcher
Zeke Bouweraerts
Sureena Carino
Joseph Cary
Nina Dellinger
Bryan Duwaik
Shanahan Europa
Iran Gutierrez
Maeve Hanafin
Miranda Holmes
Alexander Lyskin
Chloe Marasigan
Walid Mascorro
Bryan Nguyen
Laura Rambaran
Rachel Schneider
Kayla Serros
Grace Stephenson
Miguel Undurraga

SPARTANS OF THE QUARTER were recognized by parents and staff on Thursday, March 5, at 8 a.m., in the library. Congratulations to these students that truly set an example of the Spartan motto and leadership in class, are interested in learning, and set good examples for other students:

Dylan Templeton
Clarissa Knight
Kevin Kujiraoka
Catalina Escobal

Mikayla Montijo
Taylor Hansen
Gwyneth Weibelhaus
Shanahan Europa
Esmeralda Mojica

Emma Wolfgram
Erika Arteaga
Daniel Valenzuela
James Donnell
Alissa Arroyo
Brenda Castellanos

Elizabeth Vergara
Frankie Hernandez
La’ren Perez-Taylor
Sedona Williams

VISUAL ARTS3D Sculpture classes are finishing their bottle project and starting to work on Soap carvings. They have four carvings to do: Initial Logo, Name/Nickname, and Animal and Free choice. Visual Art students completed their Abstract Color Composition projects this week. They are all starting on their Action Figure project exploring positive and negative space and pattern. Digital Photography students are completing Reflections and Surrealistic “Dreamscapes” this week utilizing Photoshop and combining two or more separate photographs…Gary Bowman, Visual Arts Department Chair

SCIENCERio Mesa Science Students proving “Science” is a verb…just DO it!   Biology students are starting a new unit on natural selection and evolution. They will be doing a natural selection modeling lab involving the adaptations of spoons vs sporks. Chemistry students are studying stoichiometry, the mole relationship in chemical reactions. They will be decomposing baking soda using heat, and using stoichiometry to determine the identity of the product. Earth Science students are learning about heat transfer in the ocean and atmosphere. Students will be conducting a Nike Shoe investigation in which they will analyze the outcome of a cargo ship spill. This helps students better understand our lesson on ocean currents, the conveyor belt, and large ocean gyres.  Environmental Science students will be conducting a water taste test (and water quality test) involving 5 different sources of water. We are debating the use of tap water vs. bottled water (the pros and cons). Marine Biology is starting a unit on the three phyla of worms. A few students will be searching for the extra credit pond plan aria as we try to collect some examples from each phyla (no we do not need anyone to donate any nematode worms).  Physics students are learning about rotational motion. This week,  students did two investigations: one using washers and rubber stoppers to determine the mathematical relationship between centripetal force and speed, and the second, an investigation into the relationship between center of mass and balance.

Five seniors (Esther Cuevas, Paolo Montes de Oca, Paola Galeana, Sarai Sifuentes, and Sebastian Alcala) went to UCLA this weekend to participate in the SASE (Society of Asian Scientist and Engineers) STEM Courses presented by UCLA Graduate Students and Faculty. The students attended 4 seminars each on subjects that included: Introduction to Parasitology, What is nanotechnology and how is it going to shape our near future, Genetic Engineering from Glowing Cats to Curing Diseases, and Introduction to Cryptography…Corene Duarte, Science Department Co-Chair

ASB FRESHMEN WELCOMED 11 STUDENTS FROM MONTE VISTA MIDDLE SCHOOL this week as they acted as “trees” for their “shadows” to show them what high school will be like for them next year. A big shout out to all the freshmen teachers for taking the shadows into their room. Next week it’s the students from RDV. Lunch time activities on Thursday included, Twister boards out on the lawn in the quad…Carl Melhorn – ASB Director, Link Crew Coordinator, Peer Resource Advisor and Spartan Spotlight Director

ENGLISHIB HL and SL students are busy assembling their finalized Written Tasks to be mailed off for scoring (HL to the UK and SL to the Philippines). They are discovering the joys of precisely following directions on official forms – good preparation for their adult lives.  Drama – A few self-motivated Drama students performed a self-written work at “Cafe on A” in Downtown Oxnard in association with a week long workshop focusing on the Story works project. Congratulations to Malaya Prosise (student director), Adam Carrillo (actor and writer), Allisa Gonzalez (actor and writer), Klaritza Vargas (actor), and Selena Rose (actor). The professionals at the event were inspired by their work and skill. English 2HHonors courses are finishing a detailed essay focusing on Critical Readings of Lord of the Flies by William Golding which is part of our core text and the new ELA Standard…Joan O’Reilly, English Department Chair

SPECIAL PROGRAMS  – Cuba Montero attended the Ventura College High School Counselor Exchange on Friday, February 27, at Ventura College. Information was presented about the enrollment process, financial aid updates, VC Promise, EOPS, Career & Technical Education, and tour of the Paramedic Studies and Nursing Sciences facilities.

Ten RMHS Migrant students, along with their families and Migrant Tech Freddie Mireles, attended the Migrant Regional Family Education Conference at Rio Vista Middle School on Saturday, February 28th. The keynote speaker, Erica Fernandez, emphasized the importance of family involvement in a student’s education, development and success. Workshops covered topics such as, positive discipline techniques, ways that parents can participate in their student’s education, and understanding the new Common Core State Standards…Cuba Montero, Special Programs Counselor

COLLEGE AND CAREER CENTER  is busy assisting students with the Community College application process. Workshops will be held in the RMHS Computer Labs each Wednesday in March during the lunch period. Richard Torres, from Ventura College and Marcus Lupian, from Oxnard College, will be present to answer questions and guide students through the online application.

The OUHSD District-wide Student Career Fair is scheduled for March 27, at the Oxnard Performing Arts Center. All sophomore, junior and senior students are invited to complete a permission slip and return it to Mrs. Anderson in the College and Career Center. The busses will transport 110 students to the event, where students can ask questions and pick up information about possible careers from over 100 presenters. Students are encouraged to attend this once-a-year event and submit completed permission slips quickly.

Mrs. Anderson attended a training session about how to update information on the RMHS website on Wednesday, March 4. On March 6, she attended a meeting at the District Offices to prepare for the Student Career Fair…Sally Anderson, College and Career Center Tech

U P C O M I N G     E V E N T S


COMMUNITY COLLEGE APPLICATION WORKSHOPS – Mar. 4, 11, 18, 25, rms. 25 & 34
SPRING BREAK – Mar. 30-31, Apr. 1-3
GRADUATION – Jun. 9, 2 p.m.