Weekly Update

Friday, March 20, 2015

CAMARILLO NOONTIME OPTIMIST CLUB HONORS SPARTANS at annual Youth Appreciation Banquet on March 12, at the Camarillo Community Center.  Rio Mesa High School students, family, and friends, attended the banquet where students were honored for their hard work and achievements in the categories of Leadership, Scholarship, Community Service, Fine Arts and Most Improved.  One senior from each school that excelled in all three categories of Leadership, Scholarship and Community Service received the Joel McCrea Award – Jose Undurraga received the award for Rio Mesa High School.  Rose Cagliano, Consuelo Jimenez-Orneles and Sierra Kavon received Combined AwardsKirk Raymond, Counselor

 Award                      Grade       Student

Joel McCrea              Senior       Jose Undurraga

Combined                  Senior       Rose Cagliano

Combined                  Senior       Consuelo Jimenez-Orneles

Combined                  Senior       Sierra Kavon

Scholarship                Senior       Laura Rambaran

Scholarship                Soph         Jacob Castro

Scholarship                Junior        Dominic Derse

Scholarship                Junior        Randle Porte

Scholarship                Senior       Cynthia Anderson

Scholarship                Soph         Brian Nguyen

Scholarship                Senior       Rachel Schneider

Scholarship                Junior        Nicholas Saavedra

Leadership                 Soph         Nallira Kaleinani

Leadership                 Junior        Erika Arteaga

Leadership                 Senior       Valeria Garcia

Leadership                 Soph         Elyse Koe

Leadership                 Junior        Frankie Amar

Leadership                 Senior       Maeve Hanafin

Leadership                 Junior        Sophia Soudani

Leadership                 Senior       James Fitzgerald

Community Service     Soph         Noah Alviz

Community Service     Senior       Hunter Klein

Community Service     Soph         Charity Custance

Community Service     Senior       Miranda Holmes

Community Service     Junior        Rachel Hoppe

Community Service     Junior        Gabriela Alvarado

Community Service     Junior        Ashley Allen

Community Service     Senior       Miguel Olguin

Most Improved           Senior       Pedro Aceves

Most Improved           Junior        Gabino Rezendis

Fine Arts                   Junior        Sara Guilen

Fine Arts                   Senior       Mikayla Otani

50CAHSEE – On Tuesday and Wednesday, March 17 & 18, RMHS completed the “census” 10th grade CAHSEE successfully testing over 500 sophomores.  The 10th grade attendance rate on those two days was the best ever – only two students missed the ELA test on day 1, and five missed the Math test on day two. Rio Mesa teachers of sophomores did an outstanding job of proctoring the two-day (English Language Arts and Math) exam.   Many faculty members gave-up their prep/personal time to proctor in testing rooms or cover the classes of their colleagues who were proctoring.  Long-time Rio Mesa substitute, Ms. Mary Winter, coordinated the test security center with the support of other dedicated RMHS staff, including Admin Secretary, Ms. Lauri Scott…Mark Contreras, Associate Principal

515352MERIT ENGINEERING VISIT TO HAAS AUTOMATION – On March 12, Mr. Trude’s  Introduction to Engineering Design,  Robotics,  Advanced Machine Shop Engineering Academy, English (Mrs. Brennan’s), and Math (Mr. Brennan’s)  students visited Haas Automation…Mary Clayton, Career Education and Technology Department Chair

 WINTER ATHLETIC AWARDS NIGHT was held Monday night, March 16.  Athletes from Basketball, Soccer, Wrestling and Girls Water Polo were recognized for their accomplishments during the past season.  Please join in congratulating the following athletes who received “most valuable” awards in their respective sports:

 Girls Basketball – Cecelia Lucas

Boys Basketball – Garrett Bilby

Girls Soccer – Carla Mendez & Kyra Harbus

Boys Soccer – Albert Simpson

Girls Water Polo – Maeve Flynn

Wrestling – Issac De los Santos


 55RIO MESA TRACK & FIELD ATHLETES GREG VANN & ZARIA FRANCIS PARTICIPATED IN NATIONAL INDOOR TRACK & FIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS last weekend at the fabled Armory in New York City. Competing against the Nation’s best, Greg finished 2nd in the Long Jump with a leap of 24’01”, and Zaria finished 5th in both the 60 meter (7.47) and 200 (24.19) meter dashes. Both were named High School All-Americans in their respective events. Congratulations to Zaria and Greg, and thank you for putting Rio Mesa on the map at the national level!   Brian FitzGerald, Athletic Director


SOCIAL SCIENCE – Last week, three of Ms. Casey’s Geography classes participated in a school-wide scavenger hunt, using only a map of the school and sets of coordinates. This was a fun and practical way for them to apply the map reading and directional skills they are attaining in class…Jeff Holloway, Social Science Department Chair

56 57Senerey De Los Santos, Class of 2002, visited and shared her TV experiences with the TV/Video class on Tuesday, March 17. Senerey is an Anchor/Report with KEYT – KCOY – KKFX.  Look for the interview with her on a future edition of the Spartan SpotlightCarl Melhorn, ASB Director, Link Crew Coordinator, Peer Resource Advisor and Spartan Spotlight Director

58 59ADULT TRANSITION PROGRAM students and staff visited the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Friday, March 13…Connie Westphal Brown, M.S., Adult Transition Program Department Chair


ENGLISHJunior IB students are reading and analyzing The Great Gatsby. Junior students are getting some exposure to the SBAC practice on Shmoop, using the COWs.  The sophomore students just completed their CAHSEE testing.  Many of them practiced their skills in the CAHSEE practice on Shmoop, using the COWs…Joan O’Reilly, English Department Chair

SCIENCEEarth Science classes are in the middle of a learning about the atmosphere and weather.  The students will be completing their unit on atmosphere and clouds.  Students made “Layers of the Atmosphere” foldable pamphlets, “Structure of the Atmosphere” flipbooks, and completed “Rocket through the Atmosphere” investigation/activity.  Physical Science Honors will begin presenting one of their projected based learning opportunities on astronomy.  They also completed a two day experiment synthesizing zinc chloride & exploring the laws of definite proportionsIB Environmental Systems completed a lab and activities exploring Biodiversity.  Biology were CAHSEE testing this week but still managed to do a peppered moth, natural selection activity where students used various colored pepper moths and two colored trees to simulate the evolution of a population. Students are completing HHMI packets exploring the development of the theory of evolution by natural selection and investigating the early works of both Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace.  Marine Biology began a unit on the phylum Mollusca.  Students will be doing a lab on both the clam and squid as well as making observations on various examples of the classes of mollusk.  IB Chemistry HLA students are learning about “Reaction Kinetics”.  This week they used an interactive computer simulation to study the effects of temperature and concentration on the rate of reaction.  Chem Study students are studying “States of Matter”.  Students conducted an experiment in which they collected data as iced melted, and was eventually transformed to steam by heat.  They graphed the data to construct a heating curve for water.  Physics students started the Mousetrap Car project. They will be collecting data over the next to week to see how modifications change the performance of the car.  The culminating active will be a race between students, between periods, and a virtual race between Rio Mesa and Pacifica High School…Corene Duarte, Science C-Department Chair

COUNSELORS have been working on completing course selection for next year’s sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  Students who have not turned in their course selection must see their counselor prior to Spring Break.  Counselors are busy helping students with scholarship applications and writing letters of recommendations for scholarships.

ZAP recently celebrated its two year anniversary.  ZAP has provided Saturday access to the  Rio Mesa library for any student to work on group projects, study, research, retake tests and do make up work.  ZAP typically has 3 students to provide assistance for students who ask for help.  ZAP will continue this semester every Saturday except for April 4th…Kirk Raymond, Counselor

COLLEGE AND CAREER CENTER – On Tuesday, March 17, Mrs. Anderson met with other District Career Techs to finalize plans for the OUHSD Student Career Fair, to be held Friday, March 27, at the Oxnard Performing Arts Center.  There are expected to be 114 presenters on hand to answer student questions about the careers they represent.  Companies from each of the 15 Industry Sectors in California’s Career Technical Education designations will be present.  Rio Mesa High School is expecting to send 105 students, from grades 10, 11, and 12, and four teacher chaperones to the event.  It will be a rewarding once-a-year experience for our students.

On Wednesday, March 18, Richard Torres from Ventura College and Marcius Lupian from Oxnard College met with students in the computer labs to help seniors complete applications to our local community colleges.

Sally Anderson, Cynthia Allen and Diane Bolton attended the annual FIDM Educator Day on Thursday, March 19, at the Los Angeles campus of FIDM, where attendees toured the college, attended lunch presentation on future careers in the fashion industry, and attended runway show of fashion collections created by FIDM seniors.  This information will be used to better advise students about the various careers available through the Fashion Industry……Sally Anderson, College and Career Center Tech


Community College Application Workshops – Mar. 25, rms. 25 & 34

IB ART SHOW – Mar. 26, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., Camarillo Ranch House

Showcasing over 30 student collections!!

OUHSD Student Career Fair – Mar. 27, OPAC

SPRING BREAK – Mar. 30-31, Apr. 1-3

VC/OC Assessment Test – Apr. 16, RMHS gym



SENIOR ACADEMIC AWARDS NIGHT – May 28, 6:30 p.m., gym

GRADUATION – Jun. 9, 2 p.m.