Weekly Update

Friday, May 1, 2015



PRE-ENGINERING ACADEMY Afterschool Program Graduation was held on Thursday, April 28, at the District Office.  Seventeen Oxnard Union High School District students were recognized, including Rio Mesa Spartans:

     Shawn Cogan         Miguel Olguin        Vincent Medina                        



CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION – Two Culinary Academies in the Oxnard Union High School District competed in first annual “Mandalay Mystery Basket Competition:  Sweets at the Beach” at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Oxnard, on April 28.  Students designed and cooked a dessert onsite after seeing the ingredients selected by Embassy Suites Head Chef Nikki Newman.203



Lidor Levi and Mark Navarro represented Rio Mesa High School.  Both students are enrolled in the Baking and Pastry course, and competed with students from the Pacifica Culinary Academy. They created a White Chocolate Mousse Mille Fuile with a Spicy Strawberry Gastrique, and a Chocolate Tart with Strawberry Pastry Cream and a Salted Chili Caramel Sauce. Lidor and her team were the winners!  They worked in teams with Pacifica High School.   Lidor Levi won first place with her Pacifica counterpart!  Mary Clayton, Department Chair


204DISTRICT ART SHOW – Rio Mesa students exhibited their work at the annual District Art Show held at the Maritime Museum on Thursday, April 23.    Maricela Vasquez – Painting 2nd  Place and Yasuri Aguilar – 3-D Sculpture 3rd Place!   Kim Shi Young, Art Department



Mikayla Otani,  Maricela Vasquez, Kathryn Bell, Amairani Garcia,

Hunter Klein, Valita Stoke, Yasuri Aguilar

COUNSELINGSeniors are completing their Senior Exit Survey in their English classes.  Cap and gowns were passed out to seniors on Thursday, April 30…Kirk Raymond, Counselor

UC Success Night – On Tuesday, April 28, the Early Academic Outreach Program, in conjunction with the Rio Mesa High School Counseling department, honored the seniors who were accepted the Universities of California. The evening began with a welcome by Associate Principal Dr. Ray Senesac, and a catered dinner was served.  Students were recognized by state representatives from the offices of Hannah-Beth Jackson, Julia Brownley, and Jaqui Irwin.

EAOP Coordinator, Griselda Sanchez-Pelayo, bid farewell to RMHS and the students she worked so closely with. She is opening up a new EAOP program at Channel Islands High School. She introduced the new EAOP coordinator for RMHS, Ms. Maricela Solano Lopez, who will begin working at our campus near the end of May.

Students were also recognized by Mr. Britt Ortiz, Director of the EAOP program at UCSB, he congratulated the students and their families, and highlighted the prestige of acceptance to the UC system.  Students were awarded certificates, and given t-shirts and gift bags, in of recognition for their major accomplishment. Mr. Dabbs closed the evening with encouraging words for the students’ future…Kristene Kenney and Cindi Fredrick, Counselors

Upward Bound – On Monday, April 27, the Upward Bound program representative from California Lutheran University was on campus to interview nine students for entrance into the program. Upward Bound is a program funded by the U.S. Department of Education, and run through CLU. The purpose of the program is to help first generation, 9th and 10th grade students prepare for and complete college.  Students accepted into the program receive many academic benefits throughout their remaining high school years. Students will be notified if they are granted a spot in the program at the end of May.  Congratulations to all of the students who have made it this far in the selection process!  Kristene Kenney, Counseling Department

LIBRARY HIGHLIGHTS – With the COWS in use for testing, much of the library use was devoted to work on essays (Bouffard, Zermeno), ongoing projects (business plan for Economics, Phillips), AP test review (Biology AP, Espinoza, and Psychology, Phillips), and Shmoop review (Madl).  English 2 students continued work on their news pamphlets reporting on modern instances of genocide (Stancil), while Eng. 1H students (Stancil) used the Opposing Viewpoints database to research contemporary social concerns and prepare summary pamphlets…Margery Ricards, Librarian

SOCIAL SCIENCE – All of the IB and AP students are working hard to prep for the testing coming up in the next couple of weeks. They have put in a lot of effort throughout the year and now is crunch time. It is going to be busy next few weeks!  Jeff Holloway, Department Chair

MATH – Last week, the Math Department put on a little dog and pony show for all math classes. The SBAC required that we discuss certain aspects of the Zip-line performance task that was assigned to our school. We rigged a rope from the bleachers of the football field to ground (approximately 100 feet away) with a vertical drop of about 30 feet. For fun, we added a Barbie doll to a kettlebell and let her fly. One of the interesting aspects about this was that students that normally don’t pay attention seemed more into it than those who normally do in the classroom. All and all, a fun and different kind of day was had…Steve Worth, Math Department Chair


PROM “HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS” – May 9, Oceanview Pavilion, Pt. Hue

SAFE & SOBER AFTER PROM PARTY – May 9, Plaza Cinemas, Oxnard

RIO DANCE – BUST A MOVE – May 15, 7:30, OPAC


SPRING SPORTS AWARDS NIGHT – May 26, 7 p.m., gym

SENIOR ACADEMIC AWARDS NIGHT – May 28, 6:30 p.m., gym

ADULT TRANSITION GRADUATION – Jun. 2, 12 noon, East Campus

GRADUATION – Jun. 9, 2 p.m.