The Rio Mesa High School Math Department offers students a range of college preparatory and advanced courses from Integrated Math 9 to IB Math HL and AP Calculus AB.  To help all students succeed in math, the department emphasizes the use of technology, including access to online textbooks in many courses that have embedded tutorials and reinforcement of concepts, as well as graphing utilities that increase conceptual understanding.

Rio Mesa High School provides a variety of support services for struggling students, including lunch and after school tutoring provided by various teachers, as well as the Saturday ZAP program.

The teachers of the Rio Mesa Math Department believe that ALL students can be successful in math, and will work with students to achieve that success.


Integrated Math 9

Integrated Math 1

Integrated Math 2

Integrated Math 2 honors

Integrated Math 3

Integrated Math 3 honors

(all integrated Math 1-3 have a cohort for Merit students available)

Practical Math

Descriptive Statistics


IB Math Studies SL

AP Calculus AB

IB Math HL (2-yr course, calculus strand)


Anna Binney

Department chair

International Baccalaureate program teacher

IB Middle Years Program subject lead


Jeremiah Brennan

Merit Academy teacher


Marleen Gracom


Cathy Hewson

Merit Academy teacher


Diane Keller


Yen Law

International Baccalaureate program Teacher


Jason McClurg


Eric Mountcastle


Nikki Waller

Merit Academy teacher


Jeff Wrout

Helpful Links:

Textbook website for math 1,2, and 3  (Constructions)  (shows animated in color proofs) (parentvue/studentvue)