High School


Graduation Requirements

In order for students to graduate from RMHS, they must fulfill certain requirements. Students must earn 230 credits in specific subject areas. In addition, students must pass a math requirement (second semester of one of the following: Math 1, Math 1B, Math 1B SDC OR a higher math class), a computer literacy requirement (class or test), and both portions of the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). To see a

Course Levels

The classes offered at Rio Mesa High School, are offered at various levels: college preparatory (CP), honors (H), advanced placement (AP), and International Baccalaureate

Schedule of Classes

Students are required to take specific classes their freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior year. In


GPA is calculated as follows: A=4.0 B=3.0 C=2.0 D=1.0 (Pluses or minuses do not add or subtract points)

Cumulative GPA: The grade point average earned for all high school courses attempted is computed by dividing the total number of points received from grades by the total number of courses taken.

Weighted GPA: All Honors and AP courses have a GPA calculation of 5.0, 4.0, 3.0, and 1.0 for A, B, C, and D. The weighted GPA is used for decile ranking.

GPA and Athletics/Activities: A 2.0 grade point average is the minimum requirement for participation in co-curricular activities (work experience, clubs, band, cheerleading, and athletics.) The grade point average is based upon the most recent semester and includes grades in all classes completed.

Student Success

In order for students to achieve academic success, the following are several tips and strategies that can be helpful:

  • Write down homework assignments for each class every day. Having a set place to write this down, such as a small notebook just for homework or a RMHS agenda, can be especially helpful in staying organized.
  • Set aside time every day for completing homework and studying for tests/quizzes. When doing homework, minimize distractions from your phone, TV, and computer. If you are not able to complete your work at home, you are more than welcome to use the RMHS library after school from 3:00 to 4:30.
  • Parents/guardians can cross-check homework written down in agendas with completed assignments and help to ensure these assignments make it into your backpack to turn in the next day.
  • Ask teachers for help during and after class. Many teachers offer extra support at lunch or after school. Be sure to let them know if you have questions or are struggling to complete an assignment. Students and parents can send teachers emails with any questions or concerns. Many teachers also have their own website where they post assignments and other class information.
  • Take advantage of tutoring opportunities to get extra help.
  • Students and parents should check Parent Vue (link to Parent Vue) or Student Vue (link to Student Vue) frequently for information about grades, assignments, and teacher comments.
  • Get enough good quality sleep.
  • If there are additional academic or social-emotional concerns, please contact your counselor


Free Tutoring Monday – Thursday 3:15 – 4:30
Free tutoring is available every Monday – Thursday in the library after school from 3:15pm – 4:30pm. After school tutoring is provided by RMHS teachers in the areas of math, English and science. All students are welcome. Students may drop in as needed or come every day. Some students use it as a quiet study space, knowing that tutoring is available if needed.

Free Tutoring Before School, at Lunch, and After School
Free tutoring is provided by teachers who volunteer their time either before school, during lunch, or after school. A schedule is provided online or in the main office, or click here for the tutoring schedule. (tutoring schedule link)

UC/CSU A-G Requirements

A-G requirements are the courses students must take in high school in order to be eligible to attend a University of California (UC), or a California State University (CSU). Click on the link below for detailed information about these requirements.

2014 – 2015

Course List Last Updated: 6/10/14 7:31 PM

a - History / Social Science - 2 years required

Two years of history/social science, including one year of World History, Cultures or Geography; and one year of US History or one-half year of US History and one-half year of American Government/Civics.

Course TitleTranscript Abbreviation(s)CategoryHonors TypeCourse Notes
American Government (PASS) AmGov(OD)P American Government / Civics Semester
American Government 4 Am Gov 4 (P) American Government / Civics Semester
AP European History EuropHistAP(HP) World History / Geography / Cultures AP
AP Human Geography APHu,Geo World History / Geography / Cultures AP
Geography - College Prep Geography AV (cp)/geoav World History / Geography / Cultures Semester
Geography-College Prep Geography (P), Geography CP World History / Geography / Cultures Semester
History of the Americas IB HL2 IB History HL3, IB History HL4 U.S. History IB (HL)
U.S. History 3 (P) U.S. HISTORY 3, US HISTORY 3 (P, US HISTORY 3(P, US HISTORY 3(P), US HISTORY 3P, US Hist 3 HA(P), US Hist 3 LA (P, US History 3 (P) U.S. History
U.S. History A (PASS) USHistA(OD)P U.S. History
U.S. History B (PASS) USHistB(OD)P U.S. History

b - English - 4 years required

Four years of college preparatory English. Students may only use 1 year of ESL/ELD English.

Course TitleTranscript Abbreviation(s)CategoryHonors TypeCourse Notes
English 1 ENGLISH 1, ENGLISH 1 (P), ENGLISH 1 - (S, ENGLISH 1(P), English 1 AV (cp), English 1 LA(P), English 1RCP(P English
English 1 H ENGLISH 1H (HP, ENGLISH 1H (HP), ENGLISH IH (HP), English 1H AV (cp) English
English 2 (P) ENGLISH 2, ENGLISH 2 (P), ENGLISH 2 (P) AVID, ENGLISH 2(P), English 2 (P), English 2 AV (cp), English 2 HA(P), English 2 LA(P), English2 TECA(P, English2RCP(P English
English 2 H ENGLISH 2 H (HP), ENGLISH 2-H (HP), ENGLISH 2-H(HP, ENGLISH 2-H(HP), English 2H AV (cp) English
English 3 ENGLISH 3, ENGLISH 3 (P), ENGLISH 3 (P) AVID, ENGLISH 3(P), English 3 (P), English 3 AV (cp), English 3 LA(P), English 3 WCP (P), English 3HA(P) English
English 4 ENGLISH 4 (P), English 4 (P), English 4 ERWC (P) English
English 4A (PASS) English Semester
English 4B (PASS) Engl IVB English Semester
English IA (PASS) EngIA(OD)P English
English IB (PASS) EngIB(OD)P English
English IB HL1 IB English 3 HL English IB (HL)
English IB HL2 IB English 4 HL English IB (HL)
English IB SL IB English 3 SL English IB (SL)
English IB SL IB English 4 SL English IB (SL)
English IIA (PASS) EngIIA(OD)P English
English IIB (PASS) EngIIB(OD)P English
English IIIA (PASS) EngIIIA(OD)P English
English IIIB (PASS) EngIIIB(OD)P English
Mexican/Chicano Lit in Translation MEX CHICANO (P) English
Themes in Literature A (PASS) ThemeLitA(OD)P English
Themes in Literature B (PASS) ThemeLitB(OD)P English

c - Mathematics - 3 years required , 4 years recommended

Three years of college preparatory mathematics that includes the topics covered in Elementary Algebra/Algebra 1, Geometry and Advanced Algebra/Algebra 2. Approved Integrated Math courses may be used to fulfill part or all of this requirement.

Course TitleTranscript Abbreviation(s)CategoryHonors TypeCourse Notes
Algebra 1 ALGEBRA 1, ALGEBRA 1 (P) S1, ALGEBRA 1 (P) S2, ALGEBRA 1(P), ALg 1, Algebra 1 sdaie Algebra 1
Algebra 1.5 (P) Algebra 1.5 (P) Algebra 1
Algebra 2 ALGEBRA 2, ALGEBRA 2 (P) S1, ALGEBRA 2 (P) S2, ALGEBRA 2P, ALGEBRA 2P S1, ALGEBRA 2P S2 Algebra 2
Algebra 2 (H) ALGEBRA 2 H, ALGEBRA 2 H (HP) S1, ALGEBRA 2 H (HP) S2 Algebra 2
Algebra 2A (PASS) Alg IIA Algebra 2 Semester
Algebra 2B (PASS) Alg IIB Algebra 2 Semester
Algebra A, B Alg A SDAIE (P), AlgB SDAIE (P), Algebra A (P), Algebra A(P), Algebra B(P), Algebra B (P) Algebra 1; Yr 1 of 2
Algebra C Alg C SDAIE (P), Algebra C (P), Algebra C(P) Algebra 1; Yr 2 of 2 Semester
Algebra IA (PASS) AlgIA(OD)P Algebra 1; Yr 1 of 2
Algebra IB (PASS) AlgIB(OD)P Algebra 1; Yr 2 of 2
AP Calculus AB CALC AB (HP) Advanced Mathematics AP
AP Calculus BC CALC BC (HP) Advanced Mathematics AP
Geometry (H) GEOM H (HP) S1, GEOM H (HP) S2, GEOMETRY H (HP, GEOMETRY H (HP) Geometry
Geometry A (PASS) Geom A Geometry Semester
Geometry B (PASS) Geom B Geometry Semester
Geometry Plane Geom Plane (P), GeomPl SDAI (P) Geometry
Geometry Plane and Solid GEOM P&S (P) S1, GEOM P&S (P) S2, GEOM PLANE (P), GEOMETRY PLANE AND SOLID, GeomP&SSDAIE(P), Geometry P&S AV (cp) Geometry
Geometry Plane and Solid Bil GEOM P&S BIL, GEOM P/S (P), GEOM PLANE (P) Geometry
Integrated Mathematics 2 Integrated Mathematics 2 (CP) Bil, Integrated Mathematics 2 (P) Integrated Math 2
Mathematics IB SL IB Math Studies SL Advanced Mathematics
Pre-Calculus PRE CALC (P) S1, PRE CALC (P) S2 Advanced Mathematics
Pre-Calculus(H) PRE CALC H (HP) 1, PRE CALC H (HP) 2, PRE-CALC H (HP), PRE-CALC HP, PRECALC H (HP, PRECALC H (HP), PRECALC H(HP), Pre Calc H, Pre Calc H (HP) 1, Pre Calc H (HP) 2 Advanced Mathematics H

d - Laboratory Science - 2 years required , 3 years recommended

Two years of laboratory science, including two of the three fundamental disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This requirement can also be met by completing the latter two years of a 3-year Integrated Science program.

Course TitleTranscript Abbreviation(s)CategoryHonors TypeCourse Notes
AP Biology BIO ADV PL (HP), BIOLOGY AP(HP) Biological Science AP
AP Physics C: Mechanics PHYSICS C AP (HP) Physics AP
Biology Lab BIO LAB (P), BIOLOGY LAB, BIOLOGY LAB (P), BIOLOGY LAB(P), Bio Lab AV (cp), Bio Lab HA (P), Bio Lab LA (P), Bio Lab SDAIE (P), Bio Lab TECA(P) Biological Science
Biology Lab (H) BIO LAB H (HP), BIOLOGY LAB -H, BIOLOGY LAB H Biological Science
Chemistry IB HL1 IB Chemistry HLA Chemistry
Chemistry IB HL1 IB Chemistry HLB Chemistry
Chemistry IB HL2 Chemistry IB HL2 Chemistry IB (HL)
Chemistry IB SL IB Chemistry SL Chemistry
Chemistry Lab CHEM LAB Chemistry
Chemistry Study CHEM STUDY, CHEM STUDY (P), CHEM STUDY(P), Chem Study (P), Chem Study AV (cp) Chemistry
Marine Biology Marine Bio (P) Biological Science
Physics PHYSICS, PHYSICS (P) Physics
Physiology PHYSIOLOGY, PHYSIOLOGY (P), PhysioloTECH(P), Physiology HA(P, PsysiologTECA(P), Psysiology HA (P Biological Science

e - Language Other than English - 2 years required , 3 years recommended

Two years of the same language other than English.

Course TitleTranscript Abbreviation(s)CategoryHonors TypeCourse Notes
AP French Language and Culture FRENCH 4 AP (HP) LOTE Year 4+ AP
AP Spanish Language and Culture AP Span Lang, SPAN NS 4AP (HP, SPN NS 4 AP (HP), SPN NS 4AP (HP LOTE Year 4+ AP
AP Spanish Language and Culture SPANISH 4 (AP), SPANISH 4 (HP), SPANISH 4 AP (HP) LOTE Year 4+ AP
AP Spanish Literature and Culture AP Span Lit, SPN NS 5 AP (HP), SPN NS 5AP (HP, SPN NS SAP (HP LOTE Year 4+ AP
AP Spanish Literature and Culture SPANISH 5 AP LIT (HP) LOTE Year 4+ AP Semester
French 1 FRENCH 1, FRENCH 1 (P), FRENCH 1(P) LOTE Year 1 Semester
French 2 FRENCH 2 (P), FRENCH 2(P) LOTE Year 2
French 3 FRENCH 3 (P), FRENCH 3(P) LOTE Year 3 Semester
French 4 FRENCH 4, FRENCH 4 (P) LOTE Year 4+
French IB SL IB Fren4AP BSL LOTE Year 4+ IB (SL)
Mandarin 2 MandChinese2 LOTE Year 2
MandChinese 1 MandChinese 1 LOTE Year 1
Spanish 2 SPANISH 2, SPANISH 2 (P), SPANISH 2P LOTE Year 2 Semester
Spanish 3 SPANISH 3, SPANISH 3 (P), SPANISH 3P LOTE Year 3 Semester
Spanish 4 SPANISH 4 (P) LOTE Year 4+
Spanish IB SL IB Spanish SL LOTE Year 4+ IB (SL)
Spanish Native Speaker 2 SPAN NAT SPKR2, SPANISH NS 2 (P) LOTE Year 2
Spanish Native Speaker 3 SPAN NAT SPKR3, SPANISH NS 3 (P) LOTE Year 3

f - Visual & Performing Arts - 1 year required

Course TitleTranscript Abbreviation(s)CategoryHonors TypeCourse Notes
3-D Sculptural Design 3DSculpDesgn(P) Visual Arts (Intro)
Advanced Dance ADV DANCE, ADV DANCE (P), ADVANCED DANCE Dance (Advanced)
Concert Choir (P) Cn Choir Music (Intro)
Dance Technique (P) Dance Tec (P) Dance (Intro) Semester
Digital Photography DigitalPhoto AV (cp), DigitalPhoto(P) Visual Arts (Intro) Semester
Illustration/Life Drawing IllsLifeDraw(P) Visual Arts (Intro)
Introduction to Design 1, 2 (PLTW) Introduction to Design 1, 2 (PLTW) CNC, Introduction to Design 1,2 Visual Arts (Intro) Semester
Marching Band M BAND 10 (P), M BAND 11 (P), M BAND 11/12(P, M BAND 12 (P), M BAND 9 (P) Music (Intro)
Mariachi Ensemble A/B Mariachi(P) Music (Intro)
Multimedia [P] Multimedia1 (P, Multimedia1 (P) Visual Arts (Advanced)
Stage Band (P) Stage Band (P) Music (Intro)
Visual Art (P) Visual Art (P) Visual Arts (Intro)
Visual Arts IB HL1 IB VisualArtsHLA Visual Arts (Advanced) Semester
Visual Arts IB HL2 IBVisualArts HLB Visual Arts (Advanced) IB (HL) Semester
Visual Arts IB SL IB Visual ArtsSL Visual Arts (Advanced) IB (SL)
World Music AB WorldMusic A&B Music (Intro)

g - Elective - 1 year required

One year (two semesters), in addition to those required in “a-f” above. All courses must be listed under “a-f” above with the exception of courses marked with a blue diamond () in Mathematics, Language Other than English, and VPA; plus the following:

Course TitleTranscript Abbreviation(s)CategoryHonors TypeCourse Notes
AP Computer Science A Comp Sci AP(HP) History / Social Science AP
AP Psychology Psychology(AP) Other AP
AVID Senior Seminar AVIDJR/SR SEm(P Interdisciplinary
Computer Programming 1 – Programming Logic and De Computer Programming 1 Math
Developmental Psy Children & Adoles (P) DevPsyChdAdl A, DevPsyChdAdl B History / Social Science Semester
Earth Science - College Prep (P) EarthSciCP(P) Science-Physical
Economics (PASS) Econ(OD)P History / Social Science Semester
Economics 4 ECON 4 (P) History / Social Science Semester
Economics IB SL Economics IB SL History / Social Science IB (SL)
Environmental Science ENV SCIENCE, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Science-Physical
Environmental Science P ENV SCIENCE (P) History / Social Science
Food and Nutritional Science Science-Biological
Geography - College Prep GEOGRAPHY, GEOGRAPHY (P), Geography (P) History / Social Science
Mexican History and Culture (CP) MEX AM CULT (P) Other
Physical Science (H) PHY SCIENCE H, Phys Sci (HP) Science-Physical
Psychology - College Prep PSYCHOLOGY, PSYCHOLOGY (P), Psychology (P) History / Social Science
ROBOTICS 1 ROBOTICS 1 Interdisciplinary
Science - College Prep SCIENCE CP, SCIENCE CP., Science AV (cp), Science CP, Science CPLA(P) Other
Sociology (PASS) Sociology History / Social Science Semester
Sociology - College Prep SOCIOLOGY P, Sociology P History / Social Science
Theory of Knowledge IB IB Theory Knwl History / Social Science

Credit Recovery

Failed Classes and Credit Recovery

Students who have failed a required class, will need to make it up and earn a passing grade of at least a D in order to graduate. There are a variety of credit recovery options available to students at RMHS. Students who have failed an elective are not required to make up the course. However, they will not earn credits toward the 230 credits necessary to graduate. They will need to recover the credits lost by taking the class over or through other course work. To learn more about the credit recovery options at RMHS, such as summer school, adult school, and more, please see your Counselor.