The library seeks to promote and increase student achievement, aligning with the curriculum by:
Providing access to current resources and the latest information technology enhancing, student competency with information skills(ability to access, organize and interpret information) introducing students to telecommunications as a means of information retrieval.

General Information

  • Students must have a pass signed by their teacher to use the library during class time.
  • Student Check Out Procedures Must show student ID – Limit: 3 books, 5 magazines – 3 week check out period
  • Photocopy machine: 10 cents
  • Print Charges – Internet research: 10 cents per page – Typed documents for class: no charge!

Acceptable Use Policy for Computers

  • AUP forms must be signed by both parents/guardians & students.
  • Forms are valid throughout the district, and for all four years.
  • Student ID must be displayed when using library computers.
  • All computer use must be school related
  • Contract terms include:
    1. No chat lines or blogging
    2. No downloads or large files
    3. No games
    4. No access to inappropriate sites (i.e. defamatory, obscene…)
    5. No tampering with files of another