Some students are getting trained to be peer mediators; they are also currently helping the One Peoples Club with their canned food drive by making posters for them.  ASB will be hosting the Marine Pull Up challenge that we hope teachers sign up for as well as students.

 Marching Band

Congratulations to our  RMHS Marching Band which took 4th Place & Auxiliary took 3rd place at Centennial HS in Bakersfield Saturday, Nov. 3rd! Spartans Elevate!





Sending a big shout-out “THANK YOU” to our band parents that have been doing all the “behind the scenes” work: this Saturday Anthony & Melanie Manansala, Samantha Chappelle, Mrs. E, & of course Ms. Susan Europa & Mr. Winston Europa who drove the truck all the way to Bakersfield!





Video and Film Production

Five of our Video and Film Production students attended the Ojai Film Festival on the Student Film Maker Program on November 2nd.  Students attended workshop and discussion with Industry professionals in the film industry and learned about screen writing, film production, and how stunts are being done. Students have enjoyed this Career Learning Experience and learned a lot from the film professionals.

Below is a link to student reflection video and a group picture.


Earth & Space Science CP is learning about nuclear fusion, including a nuclear fusion modeling activity using marshmallows

Chem Study CP is learning about stoichiometry, including conducting a thermal decomposition lab of baking soda to compare actual yield to theoretical yield and identify the correct reaction for the decomposition of baking soda based on experimental results

IB Chem SL is learning about calculation of chemical quantities involving gases and concentrations of solution, including conducting a lab to determine the molar mass of butane and a lab in which students must prepare serial dilutions and use a spectrophotometer to look at the relationship between solution dilution and wavelength absorbency.

Thank you to Dr. Sidhu, Mr. Jackson, and several RMHS IB Chem students that volunteered this past weekend in working a booth at the Rio Vista Science Carnival, demonstrating Reaction in a Bag for attendees.


Culinary students assisted in prepping and serving dinner for the 2018 Farm Day BBQ at the Oxnard Farm on Friday, Nov 2.

Social Media Business class has launched a new Instagram account: @spartans_on_central to promote school spirit, fun, creativity and positivity. The account showcases student’s creative ideas as well as their technical skills.   Give them a follow if you have Instagram!


2019 CUE Award Winner


Outstanding Teacher of the Year:  Verity Olliff, Oxnard Union High SD
“Verity is an outstanding teacher who leads by example with technology, especially in using ed tech in the pursuit of true mastery grading in the high school English classroom. She was also instrumental is setting up a blogging cooperative to help students blog as authentic writing experiences.” ~ Emily G.

College and Career Center

Mr. Holloway, from the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) in Los Angeles, led three periods of students through the ASVAB Results and Interpretation sessions on Tuesday, November 6.  Students received their scores on the skills portion of the ASVAB, which they took on September 28, and then completed the second part of the ASVAB, the online personality inventory.  Mr. Holloway helped students research possible future careers which would fit both their skills and personality qualities.  Each student completed a worksheet which they could show their counselor for future course selections and guidance.

–Sally Anderson, College and Career Center Tech

Dia De Los Muertos

A wonderful event last Friday- RM Latin American Student Org w/Mr. Ben Todd making the annual Dia De Los Muertos Celebration better each year!


Congratulations to Girls’ Tennis on winning their first round CIF game 12-8 over Mayfield High School.



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