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RMHS Bulletin Monday 10.21.19



GSA (GENDERS AND SEXUALITIES ALLIANCE): There will be a meeting on Wednesday October 23 in Room 26. Bring your lunch and join us! (Exp. October 23)

BOY’S BASKETBALL TRYOUTS: Boys Basketball tryouts are Friday Nov. 1 (4:30-6:45p.m) and Saturday Nov. 2,(2:30-5 pm) This tryout is for all boys wanting to try-out for a boys’ basketball team this year.  For those players that are currently playing on a varsity level team for a fall sport and play that Friday night, you will miss Friday’s tryout, but you need to be there for the Saturday tryout. If your fall sport is going to be in the playoffs, you will need to get ahold of coach Kiech by email letting him know you want to try out. Everyone trying out must be athletically cleared which means having your athletic clearance account completed on www.athleticclearance.com and have a current Physical and Transportation form uploaded to the account. Both tryouts nights are mandatory if not in Fall sport or your fall sport is over. Any concern email Coach Kiech (rio.mesa.spartans.bb@gmail.com). (Exp. November 1)

GIRLS WHO CODE: Meeting will be held on October 23 during luch in room T -6 (Exp. October 23)

RMHS JOURNALISM: There is a meeting on October 24 during luch in room T-6 (Exp. October 24)

What’s Happening?

IB EXAM: exam registration for May 2020 exams is now in progress.  Exam registration materials were distributed in IB classes and can also be downloaded from our IB page on the RMHS website https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BylSeOyq1kosY21IZERjRHNkbUd1RjR2WTh4YmU5ZW1IYUhJ/view . There are no exam fees this year.  Exam registration ends on November 5.  All completed exam registration forms must be turned into Mrs. Wrout in room 8. (Exp. November 4)

TEXTBOOKS: STUDENTS …. Homecoming is approaching quickly.  IT’S TIME TO RETURN ALL OVERDUE TEXTBOOKS or LIBRARY BOOKS-TAKE CARE OF BOOK BUSINESS NOW! Please see Mrs. Petti in the Book Room. She is open at 7:30 a.m. to assist you. (Exp. October25)

HALLOWEEN GRAMS: Marching Band and Color Guard will be selling Halloween Grams from October 15-29th. On the following dates they will have a table set up to order Halloween Grams: October 15, 17, 22, 24, and the 29th. Band and Color Guard will be delivering the Halloween candy grams urging 1st period on October 31st. The prices for the candy grams are: $1 for 2 Ghost Pops, $1 each for Small Pumpkin Grams, $4 each for Large Pumpkin Grams. (Exp. October 31)

CLASES DEL PROYECTO DE PADRES: OUHSD en colaboración con el Departamento de Probacion del Condado de Ventura organizará clases del Proyecto de Padres en nuestra escuela este año. Las clases comienzan el 10 de octubre de 2019 y se extenderán hasta el 19 de diciembre de 2019. Las clases se llevarán a cabo en inglés y español los jueves de 6:00 pm a 9:00 pm en la Biblioteca Escolar (Inglés) y en el Centro de Collegio y Carreras (Español). Estas son clases GRATUITAS de 10 semanas enfocadas en mejorar las relaciones entre padres e hijos a través de la comunicación, la estructura y sobre todo el amor. Estas clases pueden marcar la diferencia en la vida escolar y en el hogar de un estudiante. El Proyecto de Padres pone la responsabilidad de nuevo en el padre de hacer cambios positivos en el hogar, proporcionando a los padres las herramientas esenciales para el cambio real. El Proyecto de Padres tiene el potencial de crear familias más fuertes; lo que resulta en una mejor asistencia de los estudiantes, aumento de las calificaciones de los estudiantes, reducción del consumo de drogas, incremento de los niveles de ansiedad y desminucion de la depresión. Comuníquese con la senora Claudia Gonzalez al 805-834-1473 o envíele un correo electrónico a claudia.gonzalez@oxnardunion.org para obtener más información.

PARENT PROJECT CLASSES: OUHSD in collaboration with Ventura County Probation Department will be hosting Parent Project classes on our campus this year. Classes start October 10, 2019 and will run until Dec 19, 2019. Classes will be held in both English and Spanish on Thursdays from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm in the School Library and College and Career Center. These are FREE 10 week classes focused on improving parent/child relationships through communication, structure and above all love. These classes can make a difference in a student’s home and school life. Parent Project puts the responsibility back on the parent to make positive changes in the home, by providing parents with the tools essential for real change. Parent Project has the potential to create stronger families; resulting in better student attendance, increased student grades, reduced drug use, reduced levels of anxiety and depression. Please contact Claudia Gonzalez at 805-834-1473 or email her at claudia.gonzalez@oxnardunion.org  for more information.

SENIORS: If you would like to get a fee waiver for the ACT, please see Ms Montero in the Counseling Office during nutrition, lunch or after school. If you could like a fee waiver for the SAT and did NOT get one last year, please see Ms Montero in the Counseling Office during nutrition, lunch or after school. If you already took the SAT with a fee waiver last year, you get your fee waivers for 2019-2020 from your online College Board account.

Clubs / Athletics                    

SPOKEN WORD CLUB: There is a meeting on Wednesday at lunch in room T-4.

TEQUIO CLUB: ¡Tequio se reunirá cada viernes durante el almuerzo en salón 80A y todos están invitados! La primera reunión será este viernes, 11 de octubre. Tequio desarrolla las habilidades de liderazgo de la juventud indígena mexicana para promover el orgullo indígena, alentar el logro académico y abogar contra el acoso de los jóvenes indígenas. Tequio Club will meet every Friday at lunch in room 80A. Everyone is invited! First meeting will be this Friday, October 11. Tequio Youth Group develops the leadership skills of indigenous Mexican youth to promote indigenous pride, encourage academic achievement, and advocate against bullying of indigenous young people.

College & Career

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA APPLICATION WORKSHOP: Get help with your UC Application! Come to the College and Career Center every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 PM – 4:00 PM. For more information please stop by the College and Career Center. The UC Application Opened August 1st and the deadline is November 30th. (Exp. November 30)

COLLEGE & CAREER CENTER GOOGLE CLASSROOM: Students please be sure to join the College and Career Center Google Classroom for scholarship list updates, job opportunities, deadlines, resources, events and much more! Not sure how to join? Please see Ms. Magaña in the College and Career Center for assistance. CODE: stta7wd 


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