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Attendance and Tardy Policy

A student who is between 1-30 minutes late to class is considered tardy. When a student arrives after 30 minutes, they are considered absent.

Attendance Consequence Highlights


  • Teachers address tardies #1-7 in their own class
  • Every 8 tardies will result in a Spartan Academy assignment (on Saturdays). Assigned by the alpha-aligned AP.
  • 16 tardies will result in a parent conference with AP and Attendance Advisor

Unexcused Absences:

  • For every 5 entire days of unexcused absences (equivalent to 30 periods) one Spartan Academy (on Saturdays) is assigned by AP.

Spartan Academy:

  • A student may earn multiple Spartan Academic days within a single month, based on tardies or accumulation of unexcused absences.
  • Students must attend for the entire time period (4 hours; Saturday 8am-12pm)
  • An entire day of unexcused absences (6 periods) will be erased for every Spartan Academy attended.
  • Students who do not attend an assigned Spartan Academy will be reassigned and will be served 5 days of lunch detention.


Consequences for tardies in an Individual Class

Tardy 1-4
Tier 1 Response

  • Teacher conferences with the student
  • Teacher discretion and policy based on PBIS
Tardy 5-7
Tier 1 Response

  • Teacher notifies parent/guardian
  • Communication recorded in contact log on Synergy (_Vue)
Tardy 8
Tier 2 Response

  • Teacher referral sent to AP
  • Student conferences with AP 
  • Spartan Academy assigned
  • Parents contacted
  • Attendance Contract established at AP discretion
Tardy 16
Tier 3 Response

  • School Attendance Review Boards (SARB) Parent Conference with AP and Attendance Advisor
  • Attendance Contract refined

  • Parents requested to shadow the student throughout the day

Consequences for accumulated tardies

Every 8 accumulated tardies result in a Spartan Academy assignment. 

This count will start over at the semester.

Unexcused Absences

Consequences for accumulated unexcused absences

Every 5 full days of unexcused absences will result in a Spartan academy assignment

This will be recalculated the last Friday of the month and Spartan Academy assignment given to students as well as information sent to parents. 


  • Attendance Advisor will schedule parent conferences with students that are registered as Chronic and Severe (missing 10% or more of the school year) 

  • Recommendation for SST conference with parent, AP, and counselors as needed Attendance Contracts will be developed at those meetings

  • Home visits may occur when deemed necessary

  • Recommendation to SARB to meet with District Attorney

Spartan Academy

Each day of Spartan Academy attendance (Saturday from 8am-12pm) will erase one full day of unverified absences or 8 tardies for that student. Students will be able to work on assignments, benefit from core subject tutoring, and participate in the enrichment courses. Students will be registered into open slots for Spartan Academy once the day begins. 

A student may reschedule one Spartan Academy with a valid excuse from a caregiver or due to an RMHS athletic event or an RMHS activity. The student's assigned AP must receive a note or an email by Wednesday of that week to reschedule the student. 

Consequence for failure to attend a Spartan Academy assignment

Spartan academy is reassigned and the student will be required to attend 5 days of Lunch Detention the following week.