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The Rio Mesa High School Counselors are dedicated to helping you throughout your high school career and advocating for you by having high expectations, challenging you through rigorous curriculum to become college and career ready. We offer academic, personal, social, and college to career counseling. While empowering you to develop 21st century skills, we strive to ensure that our students will become responsible and productive citizens in a global society. As servants to our students, we are student advocates and provide referrals to community agencies.

For parents, we provide educational and long-range planning, ensure a positive learning environment, and will connect you to Parent VUE, our online access to student attendance and academic progress. In addition, we provide information and events for community agencies, ROP, and assist foreign exchange students. Finally, we work in close partnership with the College and Career Center for information to colleges, trade schools, financial aid, scholarships, and the military and the Student Wellness Center to provide social emotional services.

Need to make an appointment?

To schedule an appointment with a counselor, please contact Yesenia Ambriz at (805)278-3164 or the counselor directly or message your counselor through their Google Classroom. 

Counselor Google Classrooms

Please join your grade level Google Classroom for all counseling information that will be provided throughout the school year. 

9th Grade Google Classroom Code: guo6fal

10th Grade Google Classroom Code: dah6rg3

11th Grade Google Classroom Code: 2btcr4d

12th Grade Google Classroom Code: lydcqjl

Counselors are assigned by student last name. Find your last name to identify your counselor from the list below.
Please note:

  • All English Learners (EL), foster youth, exchange students and migrant youth are assigned to Ms. Gonzalez, regardless of last name.
  • All IB DP diploma candidates are assigned to Mrs. Kenney, regardless of last name. 
  • All IB CP certificate candidates are assigned to Mrs. Gomez, regardless of last name. 
  • All AVID students are assigned to Mrs. McDevitt, regardless of last name. 
  • Mr. Castillo and Ms. Tomasetti, the Student Wellness Specialists, are available through student self-referral and/or administrator, teacher, or counselor referral.

Monthly Newsletter

Your Counselors

A - Coc

Christian Zuniga



Carri McDevitt




IB Diploma Programme

Kristene Kenney


Selena Lainez

IB Career-Related Programme

Sylvia Gomez


Categorical Programs (ELD, Foster, Migrant Ed., Exchange Students)

Claudia Gonzalez

Academic Intervention Counselor (9th & 10th Grade)

Chari Farias

Student Wellness Specialist (SWS)

Noemi Tomasetti

Student Wellness Specialist (SWS)

Jorge Castillo


Wellness Center Guidance Tech

Gladys Rodriguez

DCAC Coordinator

EAOP Counselor

College and Career Center Technician

Vina Robbins

Oxnard College Adjunct Counselor

Griselda Rodriguez
Pronouns: She/Her(s)


Helpful Information

Emergency Resources

  • Interface Crisis Hotline – 211
  • Kids 2 Kids – (805)573-0752 or (805)640-1632
  • Food Pantry at Saint Paul’s – (805)643-5033
  • Catholic Charities – (805)486-2900
  • Rescue Mission – (805)487-1234

Support Groups

Rio Mesa offers the following Support Groups with professional therapists during the school day:

  • Grief
  • Teen Issues
  • Drug/ alcohol and tobacco

For more information about these groups, please contact your school counselor.