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Graduation Requirements and Credits

Students must earn a total of 230 credits to graduate and receive a diploma from Rio Mesa High School. This page contains two (2) different charts to explain how requirements and credits work:

  • Chart 1 shows the number of required credits students must earn in any given subject area to meet graduation requirements (Classes of 2024) compared to A-G university admission requirements.
  • Chart 2 shows the possible number of credits students can earn our traditional semester system. 

For any students who plan to apply to a four-year university, ensure your courses are A-G approved by checking the official UC A-G high school articulation list. Make sure you click on the correct tab to select the year you took or plan to take the course.

Read the detailed OUHSD Board Policy for graduation requirements.


Chart 1: High School Graduation Requirements

Students must earn grades of "D" or better to qualify for a high school diploma and grades of "C" or better to qualify for university admissions.

The University of California (UC) system and many private colleges require grades of "B" or better to meet minimum admissions requirements.

Community colleges do not have minimum grade requirements. 


High School Graduation Credits

The number of classes a student takes and passes with a grade of “D” or better will determine the number of credits a student earns. Chart 2 shows the number of credits students can earn in a semester system.

Chart 2: Traditional Semester System

Each class in a semester is worth 5 credits.

6 classes (at 5 credits each) = 30 Credits 

  Semester 1 Semester 2 Annual Credit Total
6 Classes per Semester 30 Credits 30 Credits 60 Credits