The largest department at Rio Mesa High School, the English department educates all students on campus. Populated with consummate professionals, the English department has high expectations for all students across grade and class levels. Through standardized vocabulary, writing projects, literary analysis, and other standards-based practices, students are able to easily transition from one level to another with confidence.  We offer a variety of classes to accommodate every student at every level from remedial reading to honors. 

As a reflection of our highly qualified instructors, many Rio Mesa teachers have led workshops at the school, district, county and state levels.  It is the English department’s goal to produce Spartans who are responsible, healthy, productive citizens, problem solvers, and academic achievers who can effectively communicate in a global world by exemplifying the IB Learner’s Profile. 


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Summer 2018 Assignments

English 1H MYP – Cindy Stancil

Read one book at grade level that is at least 150 pages in length.


Google Classroom

English 2H MYP  Michelle Martinez and Verity Olliff

Students will be researching the Sustainable Development Goals


and completing a Webquest Hyperdoc. Students will then create a Spark video (spark.adobe.com) explaining their goal and what they have learned. All necessary instructions and assignments are available on Google Classroom (Code: blgb84b).

Google Classroom

IB English 3

HL – Sandra Tchiprout

Instructions & Assignment

SL – Joan O’Reilly

Students will be reading, annotating, and writing a digital dialectical journal for The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien. The book is available through the RMHS textbook room. All instructions are available on Google Classroom (Code: 3bcsi9)

Summer 2018 Homework Instructions

Sample of Dialectical Journal

Dialectical Journal Rubric

Google Classroom

IB English 4

HL – Ingrid Brennan and Verity Olliff

  1. Written Task 1 — Students will write their Written Task 1 response according to the given instructions on their IB English 3 Google Classrooms. This will be submitted on www.turnitin.com by August 1.
  2. College Research and Application Writing — Students will research their higher education and possible scholarship choices according to the given instructions. Students will then write their Personal Insight Questions by August 29 and have the doc in their Google Drive.

UC Personal Insight Questions


UC Personal Insight Questions Writing Tips


SL – Mia Chancer

Find your assignments in Google Classroom. Use code: jiptko

Google Classroom