International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP)

What is an IB Education?

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11th and 12th Grades

Name: Lori Wrout

Phone: 805-351-2076


Name: Kristene Kenney

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IB Learner Profile


How is IB different than AP?

  • AP is a United States program created by the College Board.
  • IB is a worldwide program headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.  IB offers 4 challenging programs worldwide:  
      • Primary Years
      • Middle Years 
      • Career-related      
      • Diploma
    • The IB curriculum is the same throughout the United States and the world.
    • IB focuses on a student’s depth of learning not on preparing a student to take an exam
    • IB courses focus on world perspectives
    • IB courses involve research and written components. (all courses)
    • At RMHS, 

Recap: Determining Whether AP vs IB Is a Better Fit for You

Taking either AP or IB classes will look very good on your college applications, as it shows you’re challenging yourself with college-level courses. There’s no real preference or benefit from doing one program or the other, as long as you do well in your chosen courses.

As one admission officer at Northwestern stated, “One qualification (AP vs IB) is not better than another.”

However, you want to make sure that you are doing well in your classes and not overloading. There’s no point in taking 10 AP classes or the IB diploma if you get a low GPA and don’t pass the exams.


Please check out this document for more information

(Schools in the United States start on page 275)

IB classes are for any student who wants to challenge him or herself with a higher-level course. Those students who have taken Honors level courses might be better prepared for the workload and challenges of an IB course, but if you are willing to work hard, you will do just fine.

Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature

English SL

English HL

Group 2: Language Acquisition

Spanish HL (prerequisite required)

Spanish B SL (prerequisite required)

French B SL (prerequisite required)

Group 3: Individuals and Societies

Economics SL

History HL

Group 4: Sciences

Environmental Systems and Societies SL

Biology HL

Chemistry HL

Group 5: Mathematics

Mathematics SL

Mathematics HL

Group 6: The Arts

Visual Arts SL

Visual Arts HL

CoreTheory of Knowledge (Spring)

Both levels are challenging and rigorous.

The main difference is in teaching hours per course: 

  • SL courses require a minimum of 150 teaching hours
  • HL courses require a minimum of 240 hours thus HL providing a more in-depth study of a particular subject.

Students can register for just one IB course or as many as six.

If you are interested in attaining a full IB Diploma, please see Mrs. Wrout.

All IB DP courses are calculated on the 5.0 scale.  Please visit the University of California A-G Courselist for more detailed information

What is the difference between the IB Diploma Programme and the IB Career Programme?


The IB calendar lists dates for all major IB assignments, assessments, projects, and orals.

2021-2022 Calendar

Note:  Calendar information subject to change.  IB students must verify all due dates and tasks with the appropriate IB staff members.

RMHS IB Inclusion Policy
RMHS IB Póliza de Inclusión
IBO Access and Inclusion Policy
Política de acceso e inclusión
RMHS IB Language Policy
RMHS IB Política de idiomas
RMHS IB Admissions Policy
RMHS IB Política de admisiones
RMHS Assessment Policy
RMHS Póliza de Evaluación
RMHS Academic Honesty and Authenticity Policy
RMHS Un recurso práctico para la honestidad y autenticidad académicas
IBO Academic Integrity Policy
Integridad académica
Policy Video
IB Learner Profile
Perfil de la comunidad de aprendizaje del IB
Rules for IB World Schools
Normas para los Colegios del Mundo del IB
IB Diploma Requirements
Award of the IB Diploma
Obtención del diploma del IB
Overview of the Career-Related Programme

Parents/Guardians:  After watching the Policy Video and reading/reviewing the important IBO and RMHS policies, please use the following link to complete the Google form indicating your acknowledgment of these important IB documents.

Google Form (English)

Padres/tutores: Después de ver el vídeo de políticas y de leer/revisar las importantes políticas de IBO y RMHS, utilice el siguiente enlace para completar el formulario de Google que indica su reconocimiento de estos importantes documentos del IB.

Formulario de Google (Español)

-Purdue Online Writing Lab MLA

-Purdue Online Writing Lab APA

Additional resources:
Effective Citing and Referencing
What is Academic Honesty?


Cristina Aguirre – Spanish B SL

Gabriela Amon – Spanish HL

Anna Binney – Math SL

Beulah Espinoza – Biology HL

Carrie Fong – Environmental Systems and Societies SL

David Gonzalez – Spanish B SL

Nikki Hansen – Math HL

Chris Holdsworth – History HL

Jeff Holloway – History HL

Salima Houdoud – French B SL

Shi Young Kim – Visual Art HL and SL

Yen Law – Math HL

Michelle Martinez – English HL

Chris Moody – Economics SL

Rano Sidhu – Chemistry HL

Sandra Tchiprout – English HL

John Tierney – English SL

Derrick Timmons – English SL

The IB Diploma Program Core:  EE, CAS, and TOK 

Ingrid Brennan – Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) Advisor

Jeff Holloway – Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

Verity Olliff – Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

Margery Ricards – Extended Essay (EE)


Kristene Kenney – IB DP Counselor

Lori Wrout – IB Coordination