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About Us

Mission Statement

The Rio Mesa Athletic Booster Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Together, we want to promote an environment that inspires student-athletes, coaches, parents, and the community to create a positive, ethical, atmosphere for all Rio Mesa High School Athletics. We are a volunteer organization that serves and leads by example through fundraising so to assist all the athletic programs.

What is an Athletic Booster Club?

A booster club is defined as “an organization that is formed to help support the efforts of a sports team or organization. Support is shown in many ways, including raising money, contributing raised funds to better enhance the team or organization's performance, and most importantly volunteering time”.

Booster clubs may perform, meet, or organize in any way, in accordance with the above-stated definition, that supports or ‘boosts’ the program they are formed to support.

WHat is Our Purpose?

The Rio Mesa Athletic Booster Club

  • helps raise school spirit by promoting a positive atmosphere as part of our athletic events
  • helps lead the community by setting an example of volunteerism and involvement in school activities
  • provides financial support and supplement our school’s budget for sports equipment, uniforms, facilities and maintenance, equipment upgrades and supplies that provide our student athletes the ability to continue to play over twenty-four different sports
  • helps promote the positive athletic experiences that play such a vital role in our children’s development
  • and enhances the enjoyment of the Spartan athletic experience for our community, our visitors and our guests.

WHat is the Importance of Fundraising?

Fundraising is a necessary part of high school athletics today. We are very thankful for the efforts of parents and booster clubs for the work they provide raising funds for our programs.

  • All fundraising must be approved by the athletic director/administrator prior to the start of the fundraising.
  • Fundraising is not for individual athletes but for the programs.
  • The booster club is required to submit monthly reports showing all transactions that transpire with the booster account.

Meet your 2023-2024 Board members:

Interim President

Felipe Betancourt

Vice President

Raina Arellano


Joni Bazaldua


Sylvia Gomez